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Training that creates connection, confidence and calm.

Struggling with your dogs behavior?  Raising a new puppy?


How Can I Help?

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 MANNERS (Obedience) 

Nervous about bringing home a new puppy?  Or perhaps your family dog is jumping and too rowdy?  Set yourself up for success with personalized training in the privacy of your home. We will support you in building a foundation for manners and life skills.  Find peace of mind with manners training and enjoy a harmonious home.


Dread walking your dog because of embarrassing barking and lunging? Reactivity training gives both dogs and handlers the skills and confidence needed to address this stressful behavior.  Find relief today and enjoy walking your dog again!


Pick Your Training Style


We work together to teach your dog new skills. Guardians learn how to work at the dogs level, problem solve and become a confident team in real life settings.

-This is best for the DIY types 

Day Training with an Expert

The "Let's get it done package!" Hand over the leash and I train your dog for you! I train your dog during the week and transfer the new skills to you at the end of each week.

-Best for busy households that want long lasting results fast!


Virtual coaching services offered anywhere in the U.S.

-Perfect for puppies and manners

-Not available for reactivity, leash walking or Canine Good Citizen prep

-Most budget friendly 

Maggie's Training Philosophy

-Training methods are always force free and fun!

-Practice makes progress, not perfect.

-Promote wellness and improve quality of life.

- Build confidence and trust, creating connection.

-Provide early socialization and foundational obedience to reduce/prevent problem behaviors.

- Bridge the gap between two species by opening lines of communication between dog and guardian.

- Educate guardians on dog's social/emotional, physical, mental and breed requirements.


What They Say About Maggie


Cameron Carruthers

Maggie came to my house to help me train my three-year-old Blue Heeler, Diggs. She instantly connected with him and was able to show me how to work on his impulse control (something he desperately needed). I was so impressed at how much we accomplished in our first session. Maggie is an extremely patient, thorough and productive trainer. She took her time with me and Diggs and by the end of the day Diggs was sitting, waiting, staying and heeling on command. It’s clear that Maggie has a real passion for what she does and I highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a trainer.


Nancy Fast

We rescued, Pumpkin Pie, a 4 1/2-year-old Japanese Chin/Chihuahua mix in January. She had been in a puppy mill cage for her whole life. We were told she had a lot of fear to work through. Not having done this before we needed some expert advice. I heard about Maggie at my work, she was highly recommended. I learned so much the first day and each time thereafter. I noticed a positive change in Pumpkin that first week when she began to respond to me less fearfully. Maggie coached me how to gain her trust, to reduce her fear-based barking, to accept the unexpected movements of people around her, to be able to lift her and pet her on my lap without fear. The difference I see in Puu Pumpkin is truly amazing. Maggie is very calm, understanding and knowledgeable in her training technique making it easy to grasp what I need to work on each week. I highly recommend her!


Karen Coffey

Maggie is outstanding with Maya! She works only with positive reinforcement and Maya adores her. She’s on time, reasonably priced, and has a wealth of knowledge about puppy/dog behaviors! I highly recommend using her to train your puppy/dog! She’s the BEST!

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